Samukawa Maternity Class Video [Childbirth] on YouTube!


This video was made for everyone who is expecting a baby in Japan.

The video explains the signs and stages of labor, and some important things to keep in mind.

Your body and your baby will do this together very well, it is a very memorable experience you will never forget. Enjoy!

What we are going to cover

  1. What the baby looks like inside the uterus
  2. Early signs of labor
  3. Getting ready to go to the hospital before giving birth
  4. Some symptoms you should contact the hospital about
  5. Things to keep in mind when going to the hospital
  6. Signs of true labor
  7. Contractions
  8. How the baby is delivered
  9. How the baby gets through the pelvis
  10. How to deal with contractions
  11. Your physical condition after birth
  12. Last word

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